Business zone Sveti Martin na Muri


Benefits of the Business zone Sv. Martin na Muri

  • recognizable Municipality on national and international level for its
    entrepreneurship, tourism and quality of living
  • recipients of many international awards
  • recommendations of other business subjects in Business zone
  • size of the Business zone: 220 000 m2, 140 000m2 is free
  • existing 13 companies with about 400 employees (The production is made up of
    one Swiss, two Austrian and ten Croatian companies in the areas of metal and
    PVC processing and production, logistics and storage facilities and small
  • average size of the parcels: 1500 m2 – 6500 m2


  • nearness to the capital city Zagreb (120 km) and other European big cities
    (Wiena- 330 km, Budapest- 270 km, Ljubljana- 200 km, Graz- 130 km)
  • excellent road traffic connection (near highways)


  •  quality communal, traffic and energetically infrastructure with upgrade


  • effective, innovative and multilingual working labour (English and German
  • especially quality CNC operators and working labour in fields of building and
    maintaining of the machines
  • highly qualified human resources (nearness of the technological universities and


  • institution for the support or developing investments
  • active help trough all phases of investment procedures
  • permits acquisition (including changes in Detail plan) – max 60 days
    low prices of the parcels (up to 5 euro/m2 )
  • excellent communication and collaboration with local and regional institutions,
    communal and infrastructure companies and business advisers


  • insurance of necessary land size for the production building (for 230 m length and
    12 m height of the object, cca. 25 000 m2)
  • communal contribution – 12 kn/m3 (2,00 EUR/m3)
  • communal pay – 4,00 kn/m2 (0,53 EUR/m2)
  • possibility of partly liberated payments for communal contribution and communal
  • payments by instalments for parcel and communal contribution
  • prerequisite to operating is environmental acceptability and compatibility with the
    Municipality tourism strategy


Municipality Sveti Martin na Muri:

Općina Sveti Martin na Muri:
Mayor: Martin Srša,
Mobile: +385 98 9359 198


Adresa: Trg Sv. Martina 7, 40313 Sveti Martin na Muri
Tel: +385 (0)40 868 231

Service provider: HEP ODS d.o.o – D.P. ELEKTRA ČAKOVEC    HEP ODS d.o.o – D.P. ELEKTRA ČAKOVEC
Distance from the site in m: to every lot    priključak na svakoj čestici
Dual Feed Available from 1 Substation: YES, 10/04 Kv    DA, 10/04 Kv
Dual Feed Available from 2 Substations: YES    DA
Average Cost per kWh (eur): RVT 0,07 EUR/Kw, RNT 0,06 EUR/Kw
Street light -YES

Service provider: MEĐIMURJE-PLIN d.o.o.
Size of Gas Line: PE 90mm
Distance from the site in m: to every lot
Gas Pressure: 3 bar
Heat Valve: depends on the tariff and the size of the consumer


– Drinking water
Service provider: MEĐIMURSKE VODE d.o.o.
Distance of the main pipeline from site in m: to every lot
Size of the pipeline:  160mm
Pressure: 6 bar (residual: 5,5 bar; static: 6 bar)
Industial water: NO


Serice provider: MURS-EKOM d.o.o. Mursko Središće
Communal treatment plan: collecting in special containers and disposing
Solid waste disposal – industrial: according to the agreement with the provider
Solid waste disposal – communal: disposal on waste disposal site with previous waste


Service provider: T-COM or others
Switch: to every lot
Number of lines instantly available: unlimited
Number of ISDN lines instantly available: unlimited

Road transport:

Near highway Zagreb-Goričan (28 km)
Slovenian highway (8 km)
Train line (6 km)
Air traffic:
International airport Pleso Zagreb (125 km)
International airport Budapest (300 km)
International airport Graz (135 km)
International airport Ljubljana (210 km)

Free lots:

– 39 lots
– different sizes, possibility of lots merger
– total of the available area 140.000 m2
– Price of the lot: 5 euro/ m2
– Gross max area construction – 40%
– Max floor number/height of building:  B+P+1/12m

Investments incentives:

–    Infrastructure system to every lot
–    Communal contribution for  first investment up to 1.000.000,00 kn (133.000,00 EUR) 20% off; up to 3.000.000,00 kn (400.000,00 EUR) 35% off, overe 3.000.000,00 kn (over 400.000,00 EUR) 50% off
–    Communal contribution: 2,00 euro/m3 – 15,00 kn/m3
–    Communal pay: 4,00 kn/m2 – 0,53 euro/m2
–    Ownership transfer: up to 15 days
–    Obtaining construction permit: up to 60 days
–    Obtaining utilization permit for a building: up to 30 days
–    Registration of trade association: 5 to 7 days
–    Working permits for foreign citizens: 30 days
–    effective, innovative and multilingual working labour (English and German language)
–    excellent road traffic connection (near highways and train routes)
–    payments by instalments for lot and communal contribution

Business zone – current companies:
–    14 production companies with over 400 employees
–    Construction material commerce
–    Auto-mechanic garage
–    Cool storage for vegetables and fruits (capacity for 2.000 t)
–    Logistics and storage facilities
–    Engineering  companies
–    Metal processing and production
–    Aerosol cans production
–    PVC and ALU production (doors, windows)

–    Very good traffic connection to Slovenia, Hungary and Austria
–    recognizable Municipality on the national and international level for its entrepreneurship, tourism and quality of life
–    winner of the prestige award: European Destination of Excellence
–    Termal Spa Sveti Martin – one of the leader of the Croatian continental tourism

Close distances to:

  • Zagreb – 120 km
  • Ljubljana – 200 km
  • Budapest – 270 km
  • Graz – 130 km
  • Wiena – 330 km

Međimurje county is the 4th most competitive county in Croatia based on competitiveness ranking from 2010, which indicates the positive factors of long-term development.
Međimurje county is certified as an „Investment friendly region” which guarantees that all criteria such as: quality human resources, available land and marketing expertise for attracting and supporting foreign investors are met.

FDI Magazine (Financial Times) – Contest European cities/regions of the future, 2010.
According to the strategy of promoting foreign direct investment, Međimurje County
is ranked as:    3rd in category of small European regions
4th in category of southern regions
13th in total

Municipality Sveti Martin na Muri